Platinum 的 Marnotaur 让杠杆带来更多利益

主持人:大家好,我是今天的主持人,今天的ama主题是“Platinum 的 Marnotaur 让杠杆带来更多利益 ”。 让我们欢迎今天的特邀嘉宾 business developer!

First of all, please introduce yourself and the Marnotaur team to the guests by the way。


Alex Dudov :Hi, I am Alex Dudov and I’m part of the Marnotaur team. I’m in this project as a Business Developer  and I work on the development of mathematical models, calculating leverages for margin trading and tokenomics.

Our team has more than 5 years experience in software, blockchain and mobile app development. Most of the team members have experience with margin trading on exchanges and have taken part in the development of DeFi protocols.

翻译:嗨,我是 Alex Dudov,我是 Marnotaur 团队的一员。我在这个项目中是一名业务开发人员,我致力于数学模型的开发,计算保证金交易和代币经济学的杠杆运用。

我们的团队在软件、区块链和移动应用程序开发方面,拥有超过 5 年的经验。大多数团队成员都有交易所保证金交易的经验,并参与了 DeFi 协议的开发。

主持人:How did you come up with the idea of Marnotaur and why have you called it ? What problems does it solve?

你们是如何想到 Marnotaur 这一创意的?为什么要用这个名字称呼它?它解决了哪些问题?

Alex Dudov :We analyzed the market and saw that there were still problems regarding the interaction between crypto-assets and decided to develop a cross-chain platform that would give users more ecosystems and pools to choose from and access to better conditions regarding gas prices. The 5x leverage is another blank spot we’re filling.

The word ‘Marnotaur’ is a combination of ‘Margin’ and ‘Minotaur’, which we translate as all the advantages of margin trading and a bull market. The idea that inspired us to create Marnotaur was taken from the myths of ancient Greece, from the Minotaur who lived in a maze.

翻译:我们分析市场后发现,加密资产之间的交互仍然存在问题,因此决定开发一个跨链平台,为用户提供更多的生态系统和矿池,帮助他们获得更好的gas价格。The 5x leverage( Marnotaur的前身)是我们正在填补的另一个市场空白点。

“Marnotaur”这个词是“Margin”(保证金)和“Minotaur”(牛头怪)的组合,寓意是它能发挥保证金交易和牛市的所有优势。启发我们创造 Marnotaur 的想法来自古希腊神话,一头生活在迷宫中的牛头怪。

主持人:What is the name of the project’s native token?


Alex Dudov :The name of the platform’s native token is ‘TAUR‘

Please be aware that we haven’t issued a TAUR token yet. That’s why if anyone writes to you supposedly on behalf of the Marnotaur or Platinum Software Development Company teams and offers to sell or send the token, please note, it must be a scam. Follow our official social media channels to learn about the token, the IDO and its listing on DEXs. And remember, our team never reaches out to the community via private messaging.

We’re at the private token sale stage and are still developing the token distribution model.

As for the token itself, it will power the work of the Tool and provide users with additional earning opportunities. All TAUR holders will have governance rights and will be able to create and vote on proposals. We plan to further encourage participation in the voting process by rewarding users with a 10% farming power increase. By staking the TAUR token, users will receive a share of the liquidation proceeds. The token will be also distributed to liquidity providers and be farmed on the platform.


请注意,我们尚未发行 TAUR 代币。因此,如果有人自称代表 Marnotaur 或 Platinum Software Development Company 团队,提议向您出售或赠送代币,那么这一定是骗局。关注我们的官方社交媒体渠道,了解代币、IDO 及其在 DEX 的上市信息。请记住,我们的团队从未也不会通过私人消息与社区联系。


至于代币本身,它将为平台上各种工具的工作提供动力,并为用户提供额外的赚钱机会。所有 TAUR 持有者都将拥有治理权,能够创建提案并对其进行投票。我们计划奖励用户 10% 的挖矿能力,来进一步鼓励社区参与投票。通过质押 TAUR 代币,用户将获得清算收益的一部分。代币也将分发给流动性提供者并在平台上进行挖矿。

主持人:What makes the project unique?


Alex Dudov :Marnotaur will allow users to take out under-collateralized loans so they can participate in trading and farming with up to 5x leverage. In the future versions of the product, we plan to offer pro traders 10x leverage.

Marnotaur has several unique features you won’t see anywhere else:

l  It has a built-in gas-saving optimization feature that allows users to select the fee size when conducting a transaction. It will help to reduce operational costs by reducing gas expenses by 16% on average. The feature won’t affect the Tx execution time.

l  In a future version of the product, users will be able to create their own pools with any tokens, providing traders with secured liquidity and customized APY/APR.

l  To become a liquidator on the platform, users must have a special NFT. Only holders of this NFT will have the right to call liquidation and earn the reward.

l  Another unique feature is that TAUR holders that decide to stake their funds on the platform will also enjoy their share of the liquidation revenue.

翻译:Marnotaur 将允许用户获得低抵押贷款,这样他们就可以以高达 5 倍的杠杆参与交易和挖矿。在该产品的未来版本中,我们计划为专业交易者提供 10 倍的杠杆。

Marnotaur 有几个你在其他任何地方都看不到的独特功能:

它具有内置的gas优化功能,允许用户在进行交易时选择费用大小。它通过将gas费用平均减少 16% 来帮助降低交易成本。该功能不会影响 Tx 执行时间。

在该产品的未来版本中,用户将能够使用任何代币创建自己的池,为交易者提供安全的流动性和定制化的 APY/APR。

要成为平台上的清算人,用户必须拥有特殊的 NFT。只有此 NFT 的持有者才有权调用清算并获得奖励。

另一个独特的功能是,将其资金质押在平台上的 TAUR 持有者也将享受他们的清算收入份额。

主持人:The 5x leverage is not very large. Do you plan to increase it in the future or is this done to protect traders?


Alex Dudov :The multiplication of funds by a factor of 5 is already quite significant. We are planning to increase the leverage to 10x after the launch of the product. Now we are developing a non-permissionless platform but we seek to create a permissionless solution where users will be able to create their own pools and set any leverage they want; we will not restrict them.

翻译:将资金乘以 5 倍已经相当可观了。我们计划在产品推出后将杠杆率提高到 10 倍。现在我们正在开发一个无需许可的平台,用户可以在其中创建自己的矿池并设置他们想要的任何杠杆倍数;平台不会限制他们。

主持人: What advantages does your platform offer traders and liquidity providers?


Alex Dudov :The main advantage for traders is the opportunity to increase their leverage in order to open trades on various exchanges and receive proportional profit. The main advantage that the platform offers liquidity providers is the ability to send their tokens to liquidity pools and receive interest for holding the tokens.


主持人:How can we use the Tool?


Alex Dudov :Users can choose one or a combination of these three roles: liquidity provider, trader and liquidator. The strategy you choose depends on the amount of risk you’re ready to take on and how involved you want to be in the process.

A user can become a liquidity provider, deposit funds and earn passive income. The platform will provide a variety of pools with different parameters and risk levels. Another option is to take out a loan and participate in leverage trading and farming. Or, you can become a liquidator and earn a reward for closing positions approaching the margin call level. A user can also combine all of the above strategies to generate maximum profits and diminish the risk of losing money.



主持人: Do you interact with other projects?


Alex Dudov :Yes, we have some partners, like Crypto Valley, GoodFirms, BIG, TopDevelopers, BBA, Clutch, IEEE, Darvinia, 7percent Ventures, Moon Boots, Avalaunch, LupaX, Onemax, Gains Associates, Hyperion Decimus, Follow the Seed, Mars Academy, NodeSeeds, Blockpact Capital, Polygone, Lemonode, Metrix Capital, Bigcoin, Mayor, Ferrum and others.

翻译:是的,我们有不少合作伙伴,例如 Crypto Valley、GoodFirms、BIG、TopDevelopers、BBA、Clutch、IEEE、Darvinia、7percent Ventures、Moon Boots、Avalaunch、LupaX、Onemax、Gains Associates、Hyperion Decimus、Follow the Seed、Mars Academy、 NodeSeeds、Blockpact Capital、Polygone、Lemonode、Metrix Capital、Bigcoin、Mayor、Ferrum 等。

主持人: What are the prospects of Marnotaur? What is the next plan?


Alex Dudov :One of our main goals is to provide users with a large number of pools, assets and platforms to operate on. To do this, we are going to develop a permissionless solution that will allow our users to create and manage their own liquidity pools by setting their own rules and searching for liquidity providers.


Alex Dudov :We have Telegram channel , if you have any question you can join it and ask in our telegram chat . You also can join our wechat community !




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